Bill Wilson
International Fiber Exchange (IFE) is based in the San
Francisco Bay area and is engaged in the export of stock-lot rolls and wastepaper to Asia, South America and Europe.  IFE sells a variety of specialty papers for exporting including, but not limited to, multi-wall bags, KCB, SBS, uncoated and polycoated cup stock and milk carton, MG, and MF krafts, glassines, siliconized paper and cover stock. 

In the bulky wastepaper, IFE concentrates on unbleached
kraft such as KLB repulp rolls, OCC and wet strength kraft grades.  In bleached grades, IFE has strong markets for hard whites, SWL, poly milk and cup (printed/unprinted).  IFE buys nationwide and can ship from all US ports.  IFE is especially adept at marketing unusal items in wastepaper and roll-stock. This is the place to call when the domestic market can't use what you have.
Roll Stock Sample
International Fiber Exchange
213A Second Street
Sausalito,  CA   94965
Roll Stock Sample